On this page you will find a collection of patterns, mostly original by Yrmegard or drawn after traditional patterns, for tablet weaving, and a set of patterns for embroidery (at the bottom of the page) drawn from historical items.

For any reproduction of these patterns, the link to the author and this page is obligatory. Using these patterns for commercial purposes is only allowed with the written permission from the author.

Tablet weaving

For every pattern, there’s a threading diagram and a pattern drawing, for more difficult patterns a turning sequence is also added. Patterns can be downloaded as pdf or in GTT format. The patterns are sorted from the simplest to the more complicated ones.

NB! More information on how to read these patterns, and also on tablet weaving patterns in general can be found in the article “The secret language of tablet weaving: how to read pattern drafts“.

Basic patterns
Threaded-in patterns
Threaded-in pattern: Estonian belts

The colours used for the pattern drafts are chosen as close to the originals as possible. The photos of the original belts can be found in a book “Estonian belts” by Eevi Astel.

Egyptian diagonals
Thin diagonals
Double face
Some other pattern collections online:

* GTT Pattern Library (Guntram / Eckhard Gartz)
* The Loomy Bin (Gudrun Polak)
* Pinterest


Here you can find a few embroidery patterns created by Yrmegard based on the actual historical embroidery.