Tablet weaving. Egyptian diagonals: triangles

Threading diagram

16 pattern tablets are all in the same position at the start of the pattern. Pattern repeat is 30 rows long. All tablets are turned 1 time forward, after that turning direction is changed in every other row for 2 tablets at a time, starting from the first pair on the right, until all tablets have changed their direction. After 1 row of turning all tablets backward together, turning direction is to be changed again, 2 tablets at a time in every other row, but now starting from the first pair on the left (see turning diagram).  Tablets can be flipped instead of changing their turning direction. If all tablets are turned together for more rows than turning diagram shows, a different pattern variation will emerge.

On the turning diagram one whole pattern repeat is shown, where the start and the middle of the pattern are marked by red lines. 

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