Embroidery. Pattern after Belgian triptych of St. Anne

This pattern was created after the triptych of St. Anne by Quinten Massijs (dated to 1509). Detailed description of how the pattern was created and on the process of embroidery can be found in the article “Embroidery reconstruction after a painting: embroidered bib“.

The size of the full pattern shown on this page is 97х97 stitches.

The coloured part of the pattern can be filled using long-armed cross stitch, classic cross stich, as well as any other filling stitches. Please note that the contours may become more or less clear depending on your choice of filling stitch. The most suitable stitch for the contours is Holbein stitch.

Please take notice of the position of separate elements near the ends of the cross as well as position of squares near the centre. The length of the stiches there is the same as elsewhere in the pattern, yet the elements are offset in relation to the main grid.

Download full pattern with instructions.