Medieval dance in Old Tallinn

I am endlessly grateful for help and inspiration to:

  • Sarah Goslee aka Phiala, (, who’s online articles guided my first steps into tablet weaving realm;
  • Eckhard Gartz aka Guntram ( for his passionate tablet weaving and inspiration I always got while looking at his work and talking to him;
  • Guido Gehlhaar ( for his original ideas in weaving and support;
  • Michael Houghton aka Herveus ( for advice and books for my library;
  • Timothy J. Mitchell aka Richard Wymark (, who’s articles and patterns introduced historical embroidery to me;
  • members of Estonian living history societies Rewal and Valhalla;
  • ladies from a group Ladies on a Quest for Authenticity, especially to Galina Karputina, creator of, Maija Perfilyeva, Alicia Kruchonak, Vera Tarbayeva.

My gratitude also belongs to my family for their support and patience. A lot of photos you will find on the pages of Workshop are taken by my husband.

Workshop runs on WordPress on Zone Media server. Embroidery patterns are created using StitchCraft 2006, tablet weaving patterns are created with GTT. Statistics is gathered by и Google Analytics.