Tablet weaving. Artefact: Virunuka, 12-14th century

Threading diagram

Photos of three surviving fragments of this belt as well as of reconstruction made by Finnish researcher Barbro Gardberg can be found in the book on Estonian belts by Eevi Astel (Ilmamaa, 1998). The reconstruction below is based only on the original fragments which are preserved at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Art History of the Tallinn University. The combination of black and red colours is based on the analysis of the threads.

The belt is woven using 38 tablets. Selvedge tablets (4+4) carry 4 threads each, the rest carry only 2 threads per tablets. Selvedge tablets are turned quarter turn for each row. Pattern tablets are turned half a turn, either forward or back, only in case the colour has to be switched for particular row, otherwise remain idle.

Download the pattern as pdf