Notes on the margins: band edges

There are several different techniques for edges of tablet woven bands, a brief explanation of the most common technique and of an alternative are presented below.

In most cases, edge tablets are turned together with the main tablet pack, and the weft is passed through the shed leaving a pair of threads per each tablet both above and below it. This produced an edge that is similar to the one on the first photo (this is the enlarged edge of the Belt with Leaves).

The arrows point towards the stiches formed by the weft passing. These run along the central line of each edge and can be seen even if the weft is of the same colour as the warp in the edge tablet.

Another option is to turn edge tablets separately, keeping them on their tip instead of the side. In this case the warp on such tablet will form two sheds, and the weft need to pass through the lower shed. I found it too demanding to keep edge tablets on the tip, so instead I turn them with the main pack, but before passing the weft I raise farther of the lower warp threads in the edge tablets with my finger (see first photo below).

As a result, weft stiches are formed under the edge of the band, and the edge itself is more uniform. The photo below shows such result (a fragment of Sun belt as seen from below).