Gallery. Tablet weaving: diamonds with leaves

This is one of my first long tabletwoven belts. A major mishap with the yarn: I had hoped that synthetic would be more durable than wool, but this particular yarn was too fluffy, so the strands stuck together quite bad and it was often impossible to separate them without breaking. There are several mistakes on the belt due to that. At the same time, weaving this particular belt helped me understand how tablet weaving works at its core, and that’s why I love this belt very much despite all the issues.

Size: width 2,6 cm, woven length 148,5 cm, tassel length 20 cm.

Materials: warp – 60% wool, 40% acrylic; weft – cotton sewing thread. 

Technique: Egyptian diagonals, 24 tablets.

Creation date: summer 2001.

Pattern: similar pattern can be found in Workshop pattern library.